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Pink God Strain


Pink God Strain


Strain Name: Pink God
Type: indica dominant hybrid
Grade: AAAA
Nose:  AAAA – earthy and quite sweet and fruity
Taste:  AAAA – earthy, sweet and tropical
Burn:  AAAA – Fairly slow burning with a white ash. Appears well flushed.
Visual: AAAA – mostly medium to large with some small buds. Stem snaps, product is dried properly.

Pink God Strain is a Hybrid strain,

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Info: Pink God is a cross between God Bud and Pink Kush which are both Indica dominant hybrids. Both parent strains are potent pain relievers with similar effects. Expect a fairly quick euphoric high followed by a pain-relieving body stone. This strain is in the ‘nighttime’ category for most new users. This strain is suitable for stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and lack of appetite.

The Pink God weed strain is a richly potent variation of marijuana that possesses well-rounded highs alongside a comprehensive range of beneficial effects. It’s a medical messiah with plenty of recreational perks to boot. thc-00- aficionados should bow down before this special gem. Experts and consumers alike agree that the Pink God strain is truly a savior within the modern cannabis community.

The infamous Pink God hybrid can be traced to a triumvirate of tantalizing cannabis crops from classic hippie lore. Its first source is Hawaiian, which is also a progenitor to the mythical OG kush. This origin provides a tangy tropical taste that coincides with a seriously strong buzz. Then there’s Purple Kush, which lends vivacious rainbow patterns and extremely relaxing qualities to the mix. It’s topped off with Canada’s God bud, which is named for its supposed roots in Jordan and its ability to maximize output with godly yields.

As a predominantly Indica phenotype, the Pink God hybrid strain is supremely calming and peaceful. The light Sativa presence instills a sharp lucidity that contrasts serenely with the ensuing sedation. With THC levels averaging around 30%, the Pink God strain is worthy of worship, and its psychedelic haze can assuredly bring the most seasoned cannabis lover to their knees. Moderate cbd levels also grant a series of advantageous cognitive and physiological influences. The Pink God hybrid strain is a prime choice for benevolent relief among patients with severely debilitating conditions. The Pink God cannabis strain is also recommended at times for those handling depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

At harvest, the Pink God hybrid plant is a dazzling sight to witness. In its peak form, the Pink God strain showcases an unusually bold arrangement of lavender and turquoise hues. The leaves are a magnificent steely blue. Sparkling layers of fine crystals densely coat the buds to enshrine a silver sheen that is breathtakingly beautiful. Excessively gooey resin builds up an abundance of glorious stickiness that is seductively oozing underneath the fuzzy blanket of trichomes.

The Pink God cannabis strain does require patience from its growers, particularly since it can take up to 12 weeks to reach full maturity. They occupy the minimum amount of space necessary for cultivation, and their compact nature is accompanied by endless webs of tightly clustered branches supporting the production of exceptionally hefty flowers. These packed little buds make up for their size in sheer quantity. Astonishing volume is regularly bestowed upon those that properly cultivate the Pink God weed strain!

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